What the iPad is Doing

This is for the coders out there.

while (outWithiPad) {  
  int averageHumans = rand(10); // assume exposure to anywhere from
                                // 1-10 averageHumans
  for ( i = 0; i <= averageHumans; i++ ) {
    [self receiveInquiry:@"Is that an iPad?"];
    [self sendResponse:@"Yes."];
    [self receiveInquiry:@"Is it really good?"];
    [self sendResponse:@"Yes."];

    [self giveDemo:UIDemoTypeOverview withEnthusiasm:YES];
    [apple incrementiPadUnitsSold];

I haven’t tried compiling this, so overlook the bugs. But the intention is there, I think you’ll agree.

Truthfully, I’m finding the response in public astonishing. Everyone who sees the damn thing is going to buy one, it seems. That didn’t happen with the iPhone.