Introducing Codewerks

Ever since the iPad was introduced, I've wanted it to become a way to write and work with code. I waited a long time before giving up and building my own solution to the problem. Coding on the iPad is really hard. Apple doesn't allow apps to execute arbitrary code

The Hackintosh of 2018

As 2018 opens before us, it’s worth noting the parlous state of the Mac desktop. Yes, we’ve just been introduced to the iMac Pro, but elsewhere things are grim. The Mac Pro is a lame duck computer, un-updated for years while Apple has at least promised its replacement,

Inauguration Day

On Inauguration Day, January 20, 2017, I was doing my best to ignore the proceedings in Washington when my friend called to joke about it all. While Kash is a Canadian citizen, his family is from Pakistan and he's a Muslim. We hadn't had a chance to talk much during

Living with the consequences

Throughout this awful US election season, I've been talking a lot of trash about Donald Trump, and justifiably so. There's plenty of documentation to support what makes him a repugnant human being, and there's no sense in covering it more. The fact is, the people of the United States elected

Failing Often

It's Sunday morning and I'm reflecting on my failures. A few minutes ago I removed Magpie from the App Store, bringing to an end yet another in a long series of experiments that validate the hypothesis: Does Aaron know how to fail? Oh hells yeah, Aaron knows how to fail.