This is a regularly-updated page of what I’m working on now, as originated by Derek Sivers and brought to me by Manton Reece.

As of January 19, 2016


  • I’m starting a new job today with Walt Disney Studio. It’s a 3-6 month contract, but it could go longer if they like me. I want them to like me.
  • Magpie is in a good, stable position. It’s doing what I want it to, so I have it in standby mode. I think I’ll be continuing to support it through OS updates, but I have no plans for feature updates.
  • Work on project code-named Kolibri continues while I have free time. I’m still not talking about it, but it’s really starting to take shape.
  • I continue to participate as a (admittedly vocal) co-host on the More Than Just Code Podcast.


  • I continue to spend my work days in a familiar pattern: take Spawn to school, work at home for the morning. Have lunch with Spawn, return it to school, and spend the next couple hours working at my local Second Cup. Pick up Spawn from school, come home and finish the work day there.
  • Evenings are a rush of various activities, shuttling Spawn to events and spending the in-between times coding. I think of my life as a hurry-up-and-wait scenario, so there’s lots of time to open up the MacBook and hammer at some code.
  • I still love to code.

Tech Landscape

  • My primary computing devices are a 27-inch 5K iMac and MacBook with 12-inch Retina Display. I leased them both in June 2015; I have them on lease till 2017.
  • I purchased an iPhone 6 (white, 64GB) in September 2014 which continues to serve me well. Given current exchange rates with the US dollar, I’m content to sit tight till the iPhone 7 arrives (and with it, by Justin Trudeau’s handsome locks, a better exchange rate!)
  • I swapped out my iPad Air for an iPad mini 4 right after Christmas 2015. It’s awesome.
  • I received a 4th-Gen AppleTV as a developer, and now have deployed it to my living room TV. The used 2010 Mac Mini that previously served there has been moved to the basement, connected to its Drobo and its 8GB of storage. That Mac runs Plex as a video playing server, Sonarr as a TV show acquisition service, and acts as a local file server.
  • My Apple Watch is still going strong.