This is a regularly-updated page of what I’m working on now, as originated by Derek Sivers and brought to me by Manton Reece.

As of December 23, 2016


  • I've been contracting full-time with Walt Disney Studios since January 2016, working with a terrific team on a super-cool product that I can't talk about yet. This has been the best job I've had.
  • I've undertaken a new project that potentially ticks all four boxes. It's currently in development.
  • I resigned as a host of the More Than Just Code podcast in December 2016.

Tech Landscape

  • My primary computing devices are a 27-inch 5K iMac and 13-inch MacBook Pro with TouchBar. I leased the former in June 2015, and purchased the latter in October 2016.
  • I purchased an iPhone 7 Plus (jet black, 128GB) in September 2016
  • I swapped out my iPad Air for an iPad mini 4 right after Christmas 2015. It’s awesome.
  • I received a 4th-Gen AppleTV as a developer, and now have deployed it to my living room TV. The used 2010 Mac Mini that previously served there has been moved to the basement, connected to its Drobo and its 8GB of storage. That Mac runs Plex as a video playing server, Sonarr as a TV show acquisition service, and acts as a local file server.
  • Got a Series 2 Nike Sport Watch in October 2016 as well, passing my Series 0 down to Spawn.