Microelectronics are my new jam.

I've spent most of the past decade with a near-maniacal, laser-guided focus on one ambition: to become an indie software developer. It officially kicked off after seeing Daniel Jalkut give a talk at C4 in 2007. Success hasn't turned out to be exactly what I thought, though it would be

New Blog, New Something Something

I've been writing on this blog since 2008, and in that time it's been all Wordpress. In these last eight years I've seen Wordpress rise, become enormously popular, turn into a CMS and a replacement for web development altogether. I've also seen it turn into a popular vector for hackers.

Why Contracting is the Answer

I got my first job out of school back in 1998. I was responsible for building and maintaining a website for a Hamilton-based magazine publisher. Less than three months into it, the publisher fired me: we appeared to have fundamental differences of opinion on what my job actually was. I

AppleTV and the iCloudpocalypse

First, the good news: Magpie for AppleTV is coming. Here’s proof! Nothing too fancy, but it does what it says on the tin. Here’s a shot of the home screen so you can see the icon and “top shelf” image. Beauty! In order to get to the bad


This is a post about Marco Arment’s decision to implement patronage pricing for his app, Overcast. It serves simply as a means for me to reach a conclusion about a group that I looked up to until now. The word I keep coming back to is “disingenuous”. I looked