I'm Looking for a Partner

Here’s the short version: I’m looking for someone to team up with, hopefully for the long term. Someone who can take what I build, and make sure the right people know about it. A “business person”, if you will. Here’s the long version: I’m a maker

Apple's Indifference to Developers

Developer Greg Gardner, whose app was rejected in September for violated unpublished guidelines, wrote a detailed account of the process. App development is seriously difficult work. The competitive landscape is brutishly crowded. The APIs that developers use to write apps are complex and ever-changing. The tools that we use to

Fancy Footwork with iOS 8

While working on my sooper-sekrit project today, I came across a surprising hurdle. I wanted to accomplish the following feats using Interface Builder inside Xcode 6 (running iOS 8): A fixed-size UITableView, one that doesn’t scroll, but rather alters its height in its superview as the contents change; The

The Limitations of iOS 8 Size Classes

I’m working on a sooper-sekrit project right now, which I’m hoping to launch before the end of this year, and which will support iOS 8 only. I’ve been enthusiastically picking up as many of the new technologies as I can, and one of the most exciting, to

Stop Not Linking

Image by Six Revisions The Internet is rife with opinions. It’s a stew of different communities, complete with their own thought leaders and carefully-drawn lines to separate them. I have my own community, and the occasions where I get a look at others are the opportunities for me to