Stop Not Linking

Image by Six Revisions The Internet is rife with opinions. It’s a stew of different communities, complete with their own thought leaders and carefully-drawn lines to separate them. I have my own community, and the occasions where I get a look at others are the opportunities for me to

Keep It Light

Code is serious business. It’s not always mission-critical, life-dependent stuff, but any programmer who’s spent long nights furiously trying to extinguish an inexplicable bug knows that it’s often no laughing matter. Yet I, and I think many in our careers, suffer from a condition called codeaphilia, a

Cocoa Minute: Objectifying Opaque Core Foundation-Style Structs

Note: I wrote this post in January of 2013. It remained in my Drafts folder till I discovered it today. I have no idea why I didn’t post it back then, but here it is now. -AV I got stumped last night on an uncommon (to me, anyway) problem

Probabilities of Success

I’ve been making some changes to my life of late, bidding adieu to broad, take-em-all freelancing for the Web, and moving towards a state of steadier, longer-term relationships building for iOS. I’m reading these days as a fin de siècle, an end of one era, and the beginning

The Next Chapter

I don’t often talk about my work directly. It’s either covered by an NDA, or not important enough to merit attention. But today marks a transition for me, and I thought it would be worthwhile to make a note of it. I’ve just concluded an eight-week contract