I had the great privilege of speaking at our regular Toronto Area Cocoa and WebObjects user group meeting last night. I spoke about CouchDB: an introduction for the uninitiated, and its application for iOS developers in particular.

CouchDB, and the iOS framework called TouchDB, form the networking foundation for Tiberius, ensuring that sweet sweet data seamlessly moves between a user’s various iOS devices and the web. I firmly believe in CouchDB as an enabling technology for the next generation of mobile apps that rely on a web services backend. As such, I was thrilled to share my excitement about CouchDB with a group of people for whom I have so much respect and admiration.

I recorded my presentation using QuickTime’s screen capture feature. The results are sufficient, if not pro-level. But if you weren’t able to make it, this is the next best thing, excepting the roar of my MacBook Air’s fan, my keyboard hammering, and my apparent inability to repeat questions from the attendees, prior to answering. Sigh.

You can also download the two projects that I used to demonstrate CouchDB and TouchDB:

  1. A complete Ruby on Rails web application, which talks to CouchDB using the RestClient gem. (Zip Archive, 123KB)
  2. A complete Xcode project, a simple Table View application for iPhone that speaks to CouchDB using TouchDB. (Zip Archive, 4.2MB)

Video: CouchDB Presentation for Tacow