Yeah, I’m rewriting my app almost completely from scratch and every keystroke has been devastating. But moments like this, with a clear mind and visible progress, are what keeps me going.
Like… I know my livelihood depends on the iPhone’s dramatic success and all? But people are so damn annoying with them and if I could Thanos Snap them out of existence there’s a non-zero chance I’d do it right now.
Starbucks mobile ordering is down today. But their POS was down this morning, and they were giving away everything for free. That’s… gotta cost something.
Given this Crowdstrike situation, does anyone reconsider auto-deploying third party code onto their OS, or gasp , moving away from Windows after this?
Driving down Garden Street in Whitby tonight, I spotted this coyote grabbing some roadkill and racing back to the sidewalk. I stopped the car and took some pictures!
Important reporting from @nileane in MacStories today. Threads isn’t going to be a safe place for our most marginalized friends; only a federated system can do that.
No surprise at the result: my six-week-old iPad is toast. Apple’s gonna take it back and replace with a new unit. The bad news: they didn’t have one in stock, so I need to return to the store after it arrives. They won’t mail it to you. 😡
The Apple Store is uncannily reminiscent of a hospital emergency room: screaming kids, crowded, long waits, and the staff mostly encumbered by boomers.
Hey Apple, pretty sure you don’t want me filling this out right now. This evening we’ll see if you replace my busted-ass iPad, in which case I’ll be… fine. 👀
I make it a personal policy to not freak out about shit I can’t control. But watching the US descending into a Christo-fascist ethno-state is making it very hard to focus on the codestuffs lately...
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