Everyone has already linked to this piece hating on AI, but now I’ve finally read it, and can add my joy to theirs: this take is electric and scintillating. https://ludic.mataroa.blog/blog/i-will-fucking-piledrive-you-if-you-mention-ai-again/
This is the correct take. https://mastodon.macstories.net/@viticci/112645221430001447
June 19, 2024
When Elon took over Twitter and it became clear he valued chaos over community, I abandoned my account. It was a hard choice because I’d come to rely on that steady stream of news, information and collaboration. Fortunately, my people moved to Mastodon, so I recovered (and Ivory made it practically seamless ). I’m not gonna lie: I hoped quite sincerely that Twitter/X would cease to exist. Or at t... [Read More]
Whassup, Threads API. #pupperpost
Oh neat! I’m really excited to see RISC-V get more exposure! https://fosstodon.org/@frameworkcomputer/112638098841106104
PupperPost 1.0.6 is now in review. Headline feature: Swift 6 strict concurrency checking! Guess what? It is a week+ labour that you will not notice at all! 🐶🤝🐶
Alright, I’m down to zero warnings on Swift 6 concurrency in PupperPost. But I think I went awry somewhere because the web views are crashing when I try to inject javascript...
June 14, 2024
I’m not going to prevaricate here: I’ve long been in the bag for Canada’s federal Liberal Party. I give them money every month to split between my local riding and the federal party. And I was elated when Justin Trudeau became our Prime Minister back in 2015. But my affections have waned over the last nine years. Trudeau’s proven to be an incredibly divisive figure in Canadian politics; even now ... [Read More]
Craig Federighi said if you don’t like iPadOS, buy an Android. I wonder how long before something really innovative appears… like this? https://ca.starlabs.systems/pages/starlite
I am totally on board @stroughtonsmith’s comment here, that Apple has no plans to make iPadOS a more-powerful system. It’s a shame! https://mastodon.social/@stroughtonsmith/112616287016197900 Here’s where Craig and Joz shit on iPad (IMO) in The Talk Show: https://overcast.fm/+B7NASAdls/58:47
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