True ambivalence at war inside me: I detest some of Apple’s most platform-controlling policies, while simultaneously fearing that a court-ordered anvil would make Apple’s products worse.
I love everything about this. C’mon Apple, gimme a Wifi 6E mesh network solution!
The Regime is… not good? I guess this is supposed to be some kind of satire of autocracy but it lands so flat in 2024. After the first three episodes, I’m out.
March 20, 2024
The other day, RevenueCat released a report about the state of the app subscription market. And the facts are not shiny: the top 5% of apps generate 200 times the revenue of the bottom quartile after their first year, while the median monthly revenue an app generates after 12 months is less than $50 USD. Oof. Anyone who’s been paying attention to the App Store game will not be surprised to lear... [Read More]
This is just incredible. I was like “oh no he didn’t” and “no way”, and then I just settled into a stunned and respectful silence.
I’ve almost had it with 1Password. The auto-login is working with fewer and fewer sites. The quick-access panel doesn’t surface the items I need. And I can be authenticated on the main app, but the browser insists I enter my (non-short) password.
Filling out the EU Digital Services Act form on AppStoreConnect. I’ve got no problem sharing my contact details with my customers. But I thought these were Apple ’s customers? 🤔
Been working on a rich link preview for PupperPost’s micropost view. Not quite sure I have it nailed yet. 🤔
Hey RevenueCat:
OpenAI prevaricating about the sources of data for its upcoming text-to-video diffusion model is so 2024. Joana Stern’s interview with Mira Murati:
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