My number one social pet peeve: people using their phone speakers in public. It used to just be boomers, but now I see kids doing it too. And they don’t like being asked to stop. (NYT gift link here).
Of all the individual videos and articles I’ve read about Swift concurrency, this one really helped me nail down practical solutions to specific problems.
Well. I’ve gone from ⚠️ 278 to ⚠️ 61 on Swift 6 strict concurrency warnings in PupperPost. It’s starting to all make sense, but I have a fair bit of head-scratching still to do...
So, how long does Swift 5 language mode stay available in Xcode? 👀
Oh yeah, you can pre-order Apple Vision Pro in Canada now! Let’s just see how much that’s gonna cost… slams Safari window shut so hard that glass shatters at Apple Park
Just a followup for the curious: it appears Kuba was using this breadboard power supply in that embedded Swift talk.
Sad to learn Big Nerd Ranch is going full-agency. I wouldn’t be here now if not for their books.
Can anyone tell me what Kuba’s got wrapped over the bottom of his breadboard? He mentioned a battery, but this seems pretty cool... (Also, my god, how friggin cool is this guy?)
I’m honestly struggling to think of situations where this image ISN’T useful
“Don’t panic,” says the mild-mannered Apple nerd, when seeing 11 concurrency warnings via Swift 6. Meanwhile, the giant, many-years-old app I work on in my day job has… 1755 warnings. I’mma freakin’ panicking.
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