May 8, 2024
OMG Tim. You shouldn’t stand in your shiny, sun-soaked spaceship office and tell us shit like this. It makes us hope. Was this actually the biggest day for iPad since 2010? I’m scratching my head here, but if I were put on the spot and asked to define the date of the second-biggest moment in iPad history, I think I’d reach for 2018 instead of today. That’s when we were given the 3rd generation ... [Read More]
Wow that new iPad Pro looks amazing. But it’s still no replacement for a Macintosh Book Professional, so I got the new Air to replace my three-year-old one with cracked glass. And a folio case 😬.
I know Figma is the hot shit but Sketch is still my fave, and they ARE NOT LAYING DOWN — version 100 is out, and it slaps! Love this little video:
The latest PupperPost beta is now on TestFlight, providing a promo code entry to give press and VIPs Premium access to PupperPost! This is it; all the features are in place for launch. DO I DARE DO IT?
I need to implement one more feature in PupperPost before I launch. I’ve been blocked on it though. My mom (!!) just called me out: “you’re scared, aren’t you?” Turns out, she’s totally right. 🙃
"Any time you see two entities of similar size fight, bet on the one that thinks it’s fighting for its life.” A great perspective on the way Apple’s blowing it with the EU.
May 3, 2024
When I was a teenager, we didn’t have no fancy streaming services. “Movie night” meant renting a VCR and a couple of VHS tapes. Which probably explains why I was such a voracious reader. From my earliest novels, I remember two big standouts: Stephen King, and James Clavell. I read all of Clavell’s books: Shogun, Tai-Pan, King Rat, Nobel House, Gaijin… they were fascinating windows into another wo... [Read More]
It’s astonishing to me that basic, basic misunderstandings still exist about state changes of matter, that we’re hearing about discoveries like this (which are great news!).
I’m really pleased with how this turned out! The latest PupperPost beta includes a new theme editor, so you can make your blog your own! Here’s some details about that:
I got chills!
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